About Dr. Christian Doane

Dr. Christian Doane
Founder, CEO of Born 2 Move Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Doane D.C. is a Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a concentration in Regenerative Medicine and holds a Board Certification in Physiotherapy. Dr. Doane is also the founder and CEO of Born 2 Move Chiropractic that was created in December of 2021. Dr. Doane’s education includes 10 years of schooling that involve 8 years of Chiropractic Medicine/Regenerative Medicine and 2 years receiving certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition/Dietetics, CPR/First Aid and AED Certified. Dr. Doane has a passion for helping people through Regenerative Medicine, Chiropractic Manipulations, Functional Movement and Regenerative Modalities which scientific studies have shown to be the best overall treatment for Musculoskeletal induced injuries. Dr. Doane has worked with a variety of patients including Babies, Professional Athletes, Women’s Health, Elderly, Special Needs and Professional Bodybuilders. Dr. Doane is based in the Celebration & Kissimmee area and serves as the official Sports Chiropractor for Central Florida. Out of state patients can book Dr. Doane as rates are subject to change. Born 2 Move Chiropractic also has reached internationally in Europe and South America. Wherever you are located, you can contact the Born 2 Move staff and we will try and accommodate you.

Dr. Doane realized as a patient growing up that it seemed like you always needed a Doctor on the weekends when Doctor offices weren’t open and the convenience of a Doctor to travel to you when in need. The idea never left Dr. Doane’s head all throughout Chiropractic School and is now offering a unique service that himself and other patients wish they had the ability to choose from. Dr. Doane offers services where himself and the Born 2 Move staff will come to your home to provide top notch care in the convenience of your living room. The Chiropractic table, tools and modalities will be provided by Dr. Doane and the Born 2 Move team. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Questions about pricing? Check out the “services offered” tab and any questions about services or simply wanting to learn more about Born 2 Move and Dr. Doane  can be directly sent to the Born 2 Move email at [email protected] or simply just leave a question in the contact us section.