Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Born 2 Move Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine has the right to ask for payments upfront to secure your spot. Treatments that require Born 2 Move to travel to your home or to the Born 2 Move office may require you to pay upfront. This is because once we secure your spot no other patient can have that spot so we must make sure you are comitted to your scheduled appointment and won’t cancel. If paid upfront for an upcoming appointment and you cancel, there will be no refund. If rescheduling an already paid and secured appointment to another date there will be a $15 penalty at the time upon completion. An example of this would be if you already paid for a $45 appointment and you reschedule, you will not receive the money back but instead you will only owe $15 when we complete your appointment to the date you scheduled it too.

Making and confirming an appointment with Dr. Doane means you understand and have read the terms and obligations. 

We never want to take patients money without the services being completed but Born 2 Move Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine schedules patients weeks in advance with patients having to wait up to 2 months to be seen. Born 2 Move also offers at home services which requires us to travel to a patient’s home. These services are timely, unique and a service that isn’t common for Practitioners to incorporate. Once you book an hour time slot with Dr. Doane, no other patient can pick that time slot since it now belongs to you. Dr. Doane and the Born 2 Move Staff offer these service for patients that truly are committed and in pain so please make sure that once your appointment is scheduled you don’t cancel! The above terms are non-negotiable.