Get Moving Again

How Can Born 2 Move Help Me?

Whether you suffer from headaches, muscle spasms, sprained ligaments, bone pain, organ pain or strained muscles Born 2 Move can help! Dr. Doane and his team utilizes a specific approach to assess each patient through muscle palpation, spine alignment and organ function. From there Dr. Doane notes fixations, subluxations and misalignments on which need to be corrected through a specific and detailed joint manipulation. The joint manipulation is known as the Chiropractic adjustment or the “cracks you have seen on YouTube or have heard about”.  The manipulation itself is quick and easy with no pain associated. After a Chiropractic adjustment you may feel lighter with an increased range of motion upon completion. Pain sometimes disappears instantly or within a few days. This depends on each individual patient and their genetics.

The Chiropractic Manipulations and Modalities that Born 2 Move offer help with the speed of recovery, increased blood flow and decreased inflammation. Elongating muscles and joints help decrease pain and improve overall muscle and nerve function. If you have been suffering from an injury, headache, lack of energy, mood swings, decreased appetite or simply want to maintain your overall health, give Born 2 Move Chiropractic and Regenerative Medicine a try! It just may change your life!

Adjustment Video