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Hormone Balance Educational Workshop with Dr. Christian Doane

60 Minute Consult for Hormone Balance levels *Best Seller and Proven Results $300 Optional Unlimited Texting Questions and one 15 minute phone call per week (give 24-48 hours for text response) (10 years of Medical School Knowledge) $30 per month


Hormone Balance Educational Workshop $200 Weight gain and weight loss has been understood in past years by calories in and calories out. Having studied regenerative medicine and the human body on a much deeper level has made me come to the conclusion as well as many other Doctors that weight loss and weight gain has more to do with Hormones then simply calories in and out. Although calories are still a huge factor, it is not the end all be all. If your hormones are out of wack, it doesn't matter how much calories you're eating or not eating you won't lose weight at the pace you would like or be able to sustain the fat loss for the long term. 

The Hormone Balance service I provide is a one hour detailed and comprehensive educational workshop on your diet, lifestyle, exercise routine, supplement routine and specific approaches to regulate your hormone levels without the use of drugs or steroids. This will determine the changes needed to be made to help accelerate your weight loss and fat loss journey. Once your hormones are back in balance, weight loss will essentially be easy. 


1 Hour  Consult for Optimal Fat Loss Results and Body Recomposition $150. Optional Unlimited Texting Questions and one 15 minute phone call per week (give 24-48 hours for text response) (10 years of Medical School Knowledge) $30 per month

Telephone Medicine Consult $100 - You will have the opportunity to  have a 30 minute facetime or phone call conversation with Dr. Christian Doane regarding anything medical, nutrition or fitness related. This service offered are for patients who are very busy and don't have the time to drive to Born 2 Move. We can set up a 30 minute phone call that works best for you and answer all the questions you have to help you with your goals you would like to achieve. 


1 hour Personal Training Session with Dr. Doane $90 - Working with Professional Bodybuilders, NFL, MLB and NBA Athletes has taught me specific workout and exercise routines not only for your sport but for specific muscle groups. Whether your’e trying to get bigger, leaner, body recompostion we can make it happen together through specific and science based proven approaches.

You will have the opportunity to come to the Born 2 Move Facility at our private gym and have a one hour personal training session with Dr. Christian Doane. Essentially we will go over your form, habits, body parts needed to be addressed and overall goals through lifting weights and cardiovascular exercises. All Equipment is provided as well as towels and water. 


Diet Plan $300 - I offer a unique experience that I will personally create a Diet plan for you that includes a mix of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins as well as the calorie intake you should have everyday and at every meal. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or simply just body recomposition we can make it happen. No more guessing or generic diet plans. This is a specific diet plan that is suited to your individual needs from your Primary Doctor.