Treatments Offered

Which Service Is Right For “Me”?

Every service provided has a specific purpose behind it. Increasing range of motion in the joint, muscle and nerves while increasing blood flow to these areas is the recipe for increased repair. Each modality and service are specifically suited to increase blood flow which will indirectly increase repair. You and Dr. Doane will go over each service so you have a better understanding of what the services provide, and which ones are right for you. Dr. Doane will make sure to guide you in the right direction on what he feels is best for your specific symptomatic areas, problem spots and what will get you pain free the quickest and most cost effective.

Services Offered at Our Office or Any Location


Chiropractic Full Body Adjustment


Deep Tissue Sports Massage- 30 Minutes
Deep Tissue Sports Massage- 60 Minutes
Chiropractic Full Body Adjustment/ Deep Tissue Sports Massage 20 minutes/ Cupping Therapy/ Percussion Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy/ Cupping Therapy Combo -20 Minutes
Cupping Therapy- 20 Minutes
Hormone Balance Consultation – 60 Minutes
One Spot Specific Adjustment
Hypervolt Therapy- 20 minutes
Cold Laser- 20 minutes
Graston Technique -20 Minutes
E-Stim- 20 Minutes
Trigger Point Therapy – 20 Minutes
Migraine Headache Relief -20 Minutes
Full Body Exams (Cranial, Heart, Lung, Abdomen,Kidney, Physicals)
$75 Each
Blood Lab  Reading- 60 Minutes
Blood Pressure/Pulse/Temperature
30 Minute Medical Questions Telephone Consults (Ask me anything medically related)
Telephone or Office $100

Get Started with Dr. Doane

** Locations for Travel: Born 2 Move Mobile Chiropractic covers the Celebration, Reunion, Windermere, Kissimmee, Lake Nona and the Orlando area. A $75 travel and set up fee will be added at the time of checkout for in-house services that require Born 2 Move to travel to you. If you are located outside of these areas or even the state, a special accommodation may be requested, and a custom price will be created.